25 Strand Braided Horsehair Bracelet



  • About: The braid used for this is called the double flat braid, one of the loveliest of the flat braids. The double flat braid is very popular in the Argentine but rarely seen in the USA. The bracelet is adjustable and used traditional braided knots to slide open and closed.
  • Amount of Hair: You will need a lock of tail hair about as big around as your thumb and at least 20 inches long.
  • Wrist Measurement: This bracelet will slide to fit most people. No wrist measurement needed.
  • Custom or Stock: This can be custom made from your own horsehair. If you do not have any horsehair, it can be made from my stock colors of white, chestnut, and black.

Additional information

25 Strand Braided Horsehair Bracelet available in Custom or stock colors