These are people I know or people who have some really cool stuff. Or they may just be people with really cool sites! Anyway take a look, I think you might like some of these.

Long Hair

I I’ve got long hair and there is always the trouble of trying to keep it under control while out with the horses, doing the chores, milking the goats and soon. My favorite tool (or “hair toy”) is the Ficcare. Ficcare

My favorite long hair forum, where you can learn to grow your own locks as long as you are capable of, is this one: Long Hair Community Forum

Scientific Stuff

I’m a science geek – OK, there, I’ve admitted it! So here are some sciency sites that I love. The first one is a terrific place to get a telescope, or a robot, or just about any fun and cool sciencey thing you can think of: Spectrum Scientifics

Speaking of telescopes, I LOVE astronomy and who better to explain it than Phil Plait, the genuine Bad Astronomer (and I’ve actually met him and he’s a really cool guy):Bad Astronomy Blog

I have not met her but I did get to hear her speak at a conference… another wonderful blog by another wonderful astronomer, Pamela Gay: Star Stryder

I’ve also actually met James Randi, who is also a cool guy and has done so much to help educate people. Thank you James Randi! James Randi Education Foundation

This is PZ Myer’s blog where he talks about biology, science, and many other things: Pharyngula

My Website Host

This is the guy that actually hosts my site! Gosh, he’s practically famous! Desert Raven

Funny Stuff

I love to laugh and no one makes me laugh more than “Weird Al” Yankovic. I often listen to his music to help pass the time while I am counting hair or doing some other task that is a little difficult. If I ever get to meet Al (not likely!) I’ll thank him from the bottom of my heart for bringing so much laughter into my life. In case you like to laugh too, here are some additional links (the first one is to Al’s website, what the fans call the “Mothership”).

Weird Al

Lyrics to Al’s Songs

Weird Al Forum

This is another guy who makes me laugh, a comedian from Australia who plays the piano brilliantly. He’s a little “edgy” and so not for everyone, but I think he’s very funny: Tim Minchin

Another funny guy. He writes songs, as he says: “about ignorance, war and greed” and does so brilliantly. Roy Zimmerman

Miniature Horses

There are tons of miniature horse links on this page – you can find breeders, tack, trailers, photographers – you name it! There is even a link to a FREE sale board where you can list a miniature horse for sale, or find a good horse for sale.

Miniature Horse Links

Model Horse Sites

The model horse hobby can really get in your blood. If you’ve got the fever, this should help you out, the best sales page for model horses that I know of:

Model Horse Sales Page

These are the two “biggies” when it comes to factory model horses: Breyer and Stone.

Breyer Horses

Stone Horses

And of course, you need to join the club, right? So here you go, the official site for NAMHSA, the North American Model Horse Shows Association: North American Model Horse Shows Association