About The Artist

My name is Jacquee’ Gillespie and I have loved horses from the moment I was born. I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to grow up to make jewelry featuring my drawings of horses, and braided horsehair jewelry.p>My first equine subject was Eeyore; I must have been about 3, barely old enough to hold the pencil, and yet I was careful to draw food next to the animal. This set the stage for my life. I have been feeding animals ever since.

When I was 10, I asked my parents if I could have a horse. They said sure, as long as I paid for everything myself. I was ecstatic! It had only recently occurred to me that people could own horses; it had seemed to me owning a horse was like owning the wind, or sunshine. But now I was to have a horse! It took me 3 long years, but I finally earned enough money to buy a horse. I have had at least one ever since.

All through school, it seemed I could find something far more interesting to do than school work. I was often called to task for drawing horses on my test papers, or drawing horses instead of doing my homework. Again, this pattern has repeated throughout my life. I am not real good at washing dishes or making my bed, because I spend all my time drawing horses!

I live high in the mountains of northern New Mexico on 40 acres of wonderful grass pasture. I work out of my farmhouse, where I live with my husband who is a musician. We have lots of horses; right now, we have 6.

I’m standing with my Paso Fino stallion Tito. Besides making jewelry and braiding horsehair, I have miniature horses and Paso Fino horses. The drama of the Spanish-looking Paso Fino often influences my jewelry.

I love to drive my minis, and whenever I have time I hitch one up to the cart and take a little spin around the neighborhood. I even have a tiny set of sleigh bells for my cart.

I love my work and feel very fortunate to be living my dream. It’s my hope that some of this joy I feel shows in my jewelry and braided horsehair, and brings happiness to the hearts of other horse lovers.