Paso Fino Horses

I saw my first Paso Fino, the foundation stallion Hilachas, years ago. I determined that some day, I would own one of these marvelous horses! I feel fortunate today that I own not one, but TWO Paso Fino horses. These horses are naturally gaited, giving a wonderful smooth ride to the human. It is the "Latin beat that is so easy on your seat"! The horses are born this way, no special training or mechanical devices needed. They are hot-blooded horses, full of fire and yet so obedient and people-oriented. They are not for everyone, but I really love them.

Amapola and her week-old foal Caruso, gaiting naturally in the pasture.

Naturally gaited. Amapola del Mistico and her colt Caruso de Peralta gaiting naturally in the field. These horses are born to gait; they do it from birth. Amapola always gaits in the pasture; it is her prefered gait. She will do anything to stay in gait, and can gait as fast as a galloping pasture mate Amapola and Caruso standing still.

Amapola and Caruso stop for a moment. The reason Amapola is looking away is because she was very upset with me for taking the pictures. The colt was only 1 week old and she was still very defensive of him. Just to let me know how mad she was, she refused to look at me. Caruso looked, though. Caruso went on to live in Pennsylvania where I hear he is prospering. Tito Libio Dos, tacked up and ready for a ride.

This is my stallion Tito Libio Dos, tacked up and ready for a ride. Tito is a particularly willing and obedient horse. In fact he can be handled by children, unusual for a stallion but tne norm for a Paso Fino stallion. Tito and I out for a ride.

This is Tito and I out for a ride at the neighbor's dressage arena. One of the people present that day was afraid of Tito because he was a stallion, but since he behaved like a perfect angel (was that really MY horse?) he won her over. I think it is easy to see that Pasos are modestly sized horses. I am only 5'3" tall, and Tito is 14hh, or 56" tall at the withers (point of the shoulders). These horses carry their heads very beautifully with little or no training.