Model Horse Tack

What is this all about?

If you are asking yourself, "What is model horse tack anyway? What is this all about?" please click on this link to learn more about the hobby of collecting model horses.

What I have done is to apply my braiding and leather working skills to this hobby to create authentic, correctly made tack for the model horse. In the jargon, my work is "LSQ" (Live Show Quality) which means it can stand up to the highest standards in the model horse world - having an experienced model horse judge examine the work for the tiniest flaw, live and in person. Having spent a life time making the real thing for live horses, I have been enjoying the challenging work involved in making model horse tack that looks just like the real thing in every tiny detail.

My Models

I don't have many! But meet "Polka Power" - painted by Mindy Berg of Spruce Mountain Studio. Mindy painted this lovely Zahara resin, sculpted by none other than Stacey Tumlinson, to a detailed and life-like pinto Arab, or "pintabian". Polka Power and some of the other models will be showing my work for you. But now we need pictures, right?

Polka Power is a stunning Arabian mare, standing proudly wearing a beautiful hand braided headstall with horsehair reins. Her spotted bay and white coat shows irridescent in the sun.

Polka Power is wearing a hand braided "rawhide" headstall, replete with sterling silver and hand braided knots, on a hand fabricated sterling silver bit. The reins are made of hand twisted "horsehair" with tooled poppers and leather fasteners at the bit end. Here is a close up.

In the studio the details are very apparent from this close up.

It almost looks like she's going to blink, doesn't it?

For Sale

At the present time I only have a few things that are not spoken for. They go quickly, so if you want something please speak up right away!

Show Winners

Congratualtions Sheila Anderson!

Sheila just won some classes against tough competition up in Colorado, with her new bridle! Way to go, Sheila!

Sheila's beautiful hand-painted Matriarch resin, a gorgeous appaloosa, winning with her new bridle!

Sheila's beautiful, hand-painted Matriarch resin wearing my bridle. She looks real, doesn't she? You can see more of Sheila's outstanding work at Paloose Arts.

Congratualtions Danielle Feldman!

Danielle's beautifully painted dun horse won just about everything in sight back in January at the "No Frills" show. Here he is, wearing a hackamore I made:

Danielle's horse Dun in Squiggles wearing his hackamore. In the foreground you can see a few of the prizes he won.

Look at the paint job on this guy! Danielle does great work. You can see more of her art at Feldman Studio.